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There are two programs that deal directly with short term housing, and two programs that deal with resource scarcity. Combined they do the work of helping Veterans overcome and point their lives towards healthier and vibrant pastures. 



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VetRescue is not online at this time. Using the trailer model, VetRescue will focus on rapid response programs. Housing struggles can include: Lease gaps, Natural disaster, Serious remodeling, extreme weather events. When getting to our outposts is not feasible. VetRescue will step in. 

Rapid Response Component

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Sometimes we all need respite. Vetcabin will activate micro-locations called Outposts. Each site will rotate several types of mobile cabin assets, from comfortable weekender cabins, to gaming spaces for small groups. Whether you need to quiet place to study, or focus on relaxation, you'll be able to do that at any of our locations.  (Currently not online)

Respite Component


Our Partners with VetSupply focuses on resource scarcity amongst vulnerable Veteran populations. Making sure Veterans have the basic necessities is a fundamental component in helping to build up Veterans and their families. 

Resource Management Component 

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VetArchive has begun its mission in recording the stories of Veterans. From the oldest generation to the youngest generation, This valuable anecdotes will be collected in an ongoing anthology of submitted stories curated through the Veterans we work with. Funds from the publication of these books will be create an Angel Fund.

Guidance Component

A message from the Board President 

In 2008, I enlisted in the Marines. My assignment? Personnel Retrieving and Processing Company. A year later I was in Iraq, ironing flags and draping them over human transfer cases.  Performing the solemn duty that is ensuring our fallen service members are recovered and sent home to their families with honor and dignity. Fast forward to 2014 and I was graduating Virginia Tech. In the midst of this, I was loosing multiple Marines per year. Funerals for my brother and sisters were more commonplace for me then weddings. It became a crushing truth to bear witness to cases of military suicide over and over again. 

By 2016 I had gotten out of the Marines and was eating squirrels with my Huskies while living out of my 1992 Mitsubishi Mirage. I spent almost 2 years homeless. I struggled with suicide, and I struggled with rebuilding my life. Most of all I struggled with feeling human, and being connected with others. Since then, the journey back has been long, painful  and full of obstacles. Each challenge imparted valuable lessons into my life. When COVID hit I saw communities hollowed out, businesses shuttered and people thrown into chaos left too spin alone like a rogue star in the deeps of space. While I never had the opportunity to save lives in my military career, I have resolved a walk of life today. My mission is to bring them back while we still can.


In 2021 a group of Marines came together and formed Veteran Cabin Corridor to pursue this objective and innovating the pre-covid model with a new one.  One that is mobile and modular.


I deeply believe life has prepared me to take on this mission and I accept the challenge without reservation or doubt. I believe that anyone can build a new life, and we are here to provide the spaces to do it. Thank you for participating in VCC and supporting our mission.


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