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Get Help.

Asking for help can occur at any time.  Give yourself the best chance for success by recognizing your strengths and weaknesses. Figuring out who is best suited to help you overcome trials is vital to the days to come. 


4 pieces of advice for overcoming.


There will always be setbacks in your journey. It can be very easy to use negativity as a survival mechanism. This can create excess negative memories and distort how you view others. Remember to be positive and practice patience. Find moments to stop and experience joy in wherever you are in life, even if sometimes you have to pretend. 


Some situations you can't hard charge through. Systems inevitably take time and this can leave you feeling anxious. This is normal. Breathe deep and focus on the big picture. There will be people who cant resist treating you as the sum of the trials you face. Keep your chin up, you are a human being. Should you desire to overcome, know that you are capable. 


It is not uncommon to find people that come into your life who enjoy helping you out of a desire to get clout off your misfortunes. Be careful about becoming too dependent on these types of people. Not all friends will be with you on this journey to the end, and this is normal. Let knew people flow into your life and if necessary, let people flow out of your life. 


Keeping moving forward. Once your housing is stable, it may feel like success and relief. The desire for rest can overtake you and stop your growth. Keep moving forward, there is an amazing life out there for you. 

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