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Simple, reliable, and cost effective.

The beautiful thing about Veteran Cabin Corridor is that what we require is not cost intensive. The modularity and diversity of mission profiles creates an amazing value per trailer. Rest assured that your contributions supplies assets for many types of missions that potentially are too specific to be addressed elsewhere.

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Help us build our fleet. 


We are accepting donations of trailers and vehicles until which we are able to design our own custom build trailers. Additionally we will consider raw land, or real estate donations which meet the needs of the Non-Profit.
Contact us for more information on how you can dedicate a vehicle, cabin, or outpost to a beloved Veteran in your life.
General donations can be bookmarked for specific programs, or for specific usage. 

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Daypacks for days.

Just like when a soldier grabs their assault pack* we grab our mission specific daypacks. Each Daypack ensures that our staff have the tools needed based on the intakes we perform. Some packs are filled with food, others are filled with clean clothes. All Packs are given to the Veteran when we recover them, leaving them with resources and essential goods.

*Your assault pack is there to carry ammo, tools, night vision, batteries, signalling kit and other items that will sustain your mission objectives. 

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