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The Corridor.

Welcome to the network. Taking cues from overseas operations. Veteran Cabin Corridor intends to create stationary access points called Outposts. From here we are able to get a birds eyes view and expand our mobile capabilities to help Veterans access resources and take advantage of regional programs across the state. 

Copy of Copy of PAVC Presentation -3.png
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Traffic Long Exposure
Copy of Copy of PAVC Presentation -3.png

Connecting the Commonwealth

Not every region of Virginia offers the same resources. We want Rural Veterans to have the same opportunities for assistance that Metropolitan Veterans have and vice versa. Engaging Veterans at the community level helps strengthen services at the state and government level. 

Phase I

A. Bring Outpost #1 online.
B. Bring Outpost #2 online.
C. Bring Outpost #3 online.
D. Bring RVA HQ /storage site online.


What will an Outpost look like?

Phase II

A. Identify and acquire land for Outpost 4. Roanoke Va
B. Identify and acquire land for Outpost 5. Blacksburg Va


Phase III

A. Select Shenandoah or Central Va. 
2. Acquire property.
3. Expand Trailer fleet. 
4. Repeat until Outposts are finished.

Phase IV

A. Begin evaluating cross state potential. 

Each Outpost will be built from land ranging from 1/2 acre to 5 acres. Depending on what land becomes available. Our goal is to be able to offer between 2-4 mobile cabin/trailer  hook ups per Outpost. 
Each Outpost will have unique landscaping and unique programs based on geographic location.  Mobile Trailers stored at HQ can be dispatched to Outposts throughout the state. 


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