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You may have questions as a Veteran or as an organizational representative what types of missions VCC operates. While there are common types of missions that we can perform, our niche is uncommon housing related challenges. Those that be generally resolved with 1-4 days of housing or even 4-6 hours. 

What we offer 

Rapidly deployable mobile housing 

Providing a place where Veterans can rest is our primary mission. Our innovative Vetrescue program provides specialized MOBILE trailers for a variety of short-term housing challenges.

Resource projection for Veteran organizations

VSO's, State Organizations and Non Profits can request Mission Support to increase their area of operations and take advantage of our MOBILE asset network.

Specialized program support 

Adapting to unique challenges are our bread and butter. We work with Veterans to ensure they have access to resources and Veteran First care. 

Copy of Copy of PAVC Presentation -3.png

Unique solutions for unique challenges

Our Trailers are modular for a wide set of direct support missions.

The most important intervention is showing up. Our battle is against self-isolatory behaviors. We fight this by encouraging connection and providing a safe and secure environment to create stability.  Below are a few examples of the type of missions our trailers can handle. 

Worker Lifting Cardboard Box

Service meetings

Your organization could meet with a Veteran in our mobile office configuration. 

Operation Zones

Your organization could gain access to new areas of operation supported by our asset infrastructure.

Telehealth Access

Not every veteran has access to innovations in Telehealth, each trailer is equipped with a full digital kit which can provide digital services in person to various Veterans. 

Resource distribution

Your organization could utilize our mobile assets to get your organization specific resources out to the Veteran community. 

Family Support

Your organization 

would receive mobile 

support for a Veterans spouse or dependant as it relates to short term housing or meetings. 

Community Access

Most organizations do not maintain mobile housing/meeting and distribution trailers. By making this available to the community for Veterans we close gaps in accessibility

Shit 'n Shave 

Veteran would have the opportunity to sleep, shower, relax  and get resource access. 


Veteran would have opportunity to spend time with battle buddies which they may be separated from. This can include recreational outings with our service partners. 

Training Support

Veterans who would like the opportunity to go to training programs or need employment 

resources may receive housing support and facilitation at a VCC outpost in the region. 

Temp Protect

Veteran can get out of the heat or the cold when temperatures are at extremes. This can include when a Veterans residential heating or a/c goes out. 

Weapons Safety


interventions for suicide prevention in the form of safety missions and gun lock distributions.


Veteran may receive respite missions that focus on self-reflection and meditation. 

to pursue  challenges
where they occur. 

examples of services we can provide to Virginia Veterans

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